Zero Waste

FloydFest-partner Zero Waste Event Productions is a waste-management company dedicated to keeping the scene clean while diverting as much material as possible from the landfill through composting, recycling and reuse. With their specially designed portable conveyor belts they sort through all material collected from around the festival to ensure that everything makes it to the proper facility and that recycling and compost is clean and free of contamination. The ultimate goal is to help events achieve a ‘Zero Waste Status,’ which is considered a 90% or greater diversion of material from the landfill.
Help these guys out by being sure to pick up after yourselves throughout FloydFest 22~Heartbeat and use the proper bin when discarding items!
Also, if you want to lend a hand, Zero Waste Event Productions are always looking for volunteers who don’t mind digging in! This may sound like a messy job, but working as a member of the Zero Waste Team is a blast and using their conveyor belts ensures that the job is done safely and as clean as can be! Check them out by visiting www.ZeroWasteFest.com