A Letter to FloydFest

Special isn’t the word; It doesn’t even come close. Magical, yes, but there’s so much more. I feel like I live for those five nights, and almost six days, up there on that mountain. It is my annual soul-cleanse. It is what washes all the year’s baggage, bitterness, worries, and fears away. When I leave, I am completely renewed. My soul is filled, and I am complete again. I feel new, refreshed, and ready to face the world with all the love I need to get me through the year. You have an impact on people like I’ve not yet witnessed anywhere. From torn and weary we become full and complete; I witness this transformation year after year. There are no boundaries up there on that mountaintop, nothing that separates me from the next person. My heart is your heart, and we are all connected as one. You are a beautifully woven network of people who seem to share a common mission: to love for the sake of love. Your love comes in many forms and provides me with a real sensation that moves me in unspeakable ways. This love is illustrated by the expressions of your people, all around the campgrounds and surrounding your many stages. It’s written on the faces of many, young and old, who have come together to celebrate in pure bliss. We are free again. It is amazing. These raw and pure emotions are so inspiring, I try to carry them with me as I leave, for as long as I can. And throughout the rest of my year, in this world that can be so dark and so bitter, I reflect when I need to remember my peaceful place, right back on top of that mountain. I travel back to where I am free. There is no judgement, no separation, nothing that makes me feel like I need to compete, or to be any better, or to be anything other than exactly who I was created to be. I feel grounded again in my purpose. I thank you for this opportunity, year in and year out, when you open your gentle arms and embrace me, holding me and shaping me until I am “me” again. I am blessed.