The Virginia Gentlemen

Founded in 1953 as an octet of the University’s Glee Club, the Virginia Gentlemen are the University of Virginia’s oldest a cappella ensemble.  Since declaring independence and becoming their own student-run entity in 1987, the Virginia Gentlemen have served as the premier musical ambassadors of the University and have performed at distinguished venues and events around the United States and abroad. 2018 marked The Virginia Gentlemen’s 65th anniversary and the recent years have been notable. In April 2008, the group delivered a command performance in the East Room of the White House for President and Mrs. George W. Bush and distinguished guests in honor of the 265th birthday of Thomas Jefferson. The Virginia Gentlemen have performed several additional times at The White House and for other events associated with President of the United States, including the Inauguration of President Barack Obama. In the past two years, the Gentlemen performed at UVA’s Bicentennial Celebration, the Inauguration of UVA’s President Jim Ryan, and aboard the Viking Sky on a two-week voyage from Puerto Rico to Barcelona.  The following year, the group traversed the Tasman Sea, entertaining on board Viking Cruise’s Viking Sun on a two-week voyage from New Zealand to Australia, and most recently, the group traveled onboard the Viking Sun up the east coast of central America from Guatemala to Los Angeles.

The diverse repertoire of the Virginia Gentlemen ranges from classical and traditional pieces to the classic hits of ‘60’s and ‘70’s, folk, classic rock, and contemporary vocal hits of today, allowing these young men—clad in blue blazers and bowties—to lift any crowd with their spirit and their song.

The principles of the organization build upon a rich tradition of musical excellence and camaraderie, and the award-winning Virginia Gentlemen continuously seek to provide their audiences with the highest level of musical performance and entertainment.