The Jam

The summer of 2016 saw the birth of MC Broom and the Jam at a little party called Floyd Fandango. Originally called “Uncle John’s Band,” John McBroom orchestrated a wily ensemble of musicians, made up of old and new friends reflecting the musical fabric of the region and beyond.

The core group of MCB&tJ are Bradley Carr, lead guitar (Red Weather, Tribe of Clouds); Timbo Sims, keyboards (Red Weather, Rollin Green, The Buck & Grizz Show); drummers Kris Hodges (Sol Searchers, Chupacabras, Butch Robins Imagicnation, Blue Mule) and Matt Leonard (Relachatian, GroovaScape, Dead Reckoning, GOTE); Scott Sutton, bass (GroovaScape, Dirty Rumors); Jerry Wood, fiddle (Blue Mule) and myself, John McBroom, guitars and lead vocals (Red Weather, Blue Mule, GOTE).

Honoring the musical spirit of Jerry Garcia, MCB&tJ try to find the edge and stay there. Jamming is their intent, and while song choices are crucial, they are ever-looking for the places to ‘let the music play the band,’ to steal a line from Mr. Garcia’s band. Always striving to make the experience greater than the sum of its parts, this assembled line-up will leave you looking for more toast to hold all the Jam!