Isaac Hadden Project

This teen is ripping it up on stages all over the Virginias, Tennessee, DC, and the Carolinas. Isaac is a 17-year-old up and coming jazz-infused blues-rock guitarist and vocalist who started playing music not long after he learned to walk. His parents are self-proclaimed music junkies, so as soon as he was on foot, he made his way to the front of stages and soaked up the artistry of musicians in every imaginable genre. It fed his soul, and thus began to shape his path.  At age 3, he was turned onto his very first handcrafted banjo ukulele by an elderly old-time musician who proclaimed, “this boy’s got music in him, and I’m gonna get it out.” His first guitar lessons began at age 5.

It is with the support of a kind and nurturing local music scene that he has had the opportunity to open for some industry giants, and to share the stage with some of the festival circuit’s hottest acts. Always hungry for more, he continues to explore and grow his talents. He is involved in several bands, all of which allow him to traverse different styles of music. In this current ‘jam all the genres’ project, he is supported by Roanoke all-stars, Jake Dempsey on bass, Foster Burton on rhythm guitar and vocals, and Matt Leonard on drums. Together they explore the more explosive qualities of works by artists like Herbie Hancock, Phish, Janet Jackson, Peter Tosh, Hendrix, and more. To keep it really interesting, they occasionally throw in an original co-written by Foster and Isaac.