Dharma Bombs

Dharma Bombs has been a band since 2013 in some capacity or another, gone through 20 band members, and countless shows all across the East Coast. The current lineup of Dharma Bombs represents the transition from being a band to being a family. The lyrical content of newly released, “Enjoy the View”, reflects this. From sneaking out of your mama’s house, remembering your greatgrandmother’s harley rides across the Blue Ridge Parkway, retracing your greatgreatgreatgreatgrandparents pilgrimage across the state of Virginia to a town that doesn’t exist anymore, this album is about family, love, and enjoying the continuously changing scenery we know as life. With band members living across the great state of Virginia, it is too simple to say that Dharma Bombs is from Richmond. From our start busking in the Richmond city streets to Roanoke’s mountains to Norfolk’s ports to Harrisonburg’s valleys, the band touches every corner and landscape of the Commonwealth. This diversity can be heard in “Enjoy the View”. With rotating lead vocals, songwriting, and musical styling, Dharma Bombs have moved past boxing themselves into a single genre or place, and moved toward an explorative drive through the past and future of each band members’ experiences. Whether you’re on the coast or the ridgeline, listen to Dharma Bombs’ “Enjoy the View” and allow the music to take you home.