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We love giving members of the press the opportunity to share in the incredible FloydFest experience! However, due to the limited number of media credentials and the high number of applicants, we ask that you please carefully read the criteria that we use to determine how we assign media credentials.

As we work to promote FloydFest, we are particularly interested in articles or features that can be shared with our audience before the actual festival. We are more than happy to discuss ways in which your media outlet can help us achieve this, and can assist you with scheduling interviews with FloydFest staff and willing artists.

  • In order to receive media credentials, a journalist must be working on or have completed an assignment from an established media outlet, such as a daily/weekly newspaper, regional magazine, nationally-recognized entertainment/news website, etc. to write/produce/submit a FloydFest article. We will not provide credentials to any media who are working “on spec.”
  • If you have received media credentials for FloydFest in the past, we require that you provide links and/or access to all previous FloydFest coverage.
  • If you have not received media credentials with FloydFest before but wish to cover the festival in 2024, please provide us with a detailed description and timing of all coverage you plan to do before, during and after the festival. If applicable, please also send links to any music or festival-related coverage that you have published in the past year.
  • All coverage of FloydFest 24~Horizon should run within 30 days of the conclusion of the festival. Exceptions can be discussed if necessary.
  • Please understand that due to the limited number of credentials we can issue, we are unable to provide credentials for journalists’ guests, family members, assistants, interns, etc. If a journalist wishes to bring a guest, the guest can purchase festival tickets at original ticket pricing.
  • We do not have a separate photographer credential for media. We have an amazing team of FloydFest photographers who will be posting high-quality, high-resolution photos that you can access. Because of this we will not issue media credentials to individuals who only wish to photograph FloydFest.
  • If more than one journalist from a publication is applying for media credentials, each journalist must contact AtWP Chief Operating Officer Sam Calhoun and AtWP Media Director Brian Swenk individually. However, due to high capacity and high demand, generally only one set of credentials will be given per media outlet.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns or ideas on how your media outlet can spread the word about FloydFest 24~Horizon. We look forward to seeing you at FloydFest 24~Horizon!

Media Contact Information

For all media inquiries and press-related materials, please contact AtWP Chief Operating Officer Sam Calhoun at and AtWP Media Director Brian Swenk at

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