Will Reid

Old vinyl. A readily available resource in the Reid household. At a young age, Will would find a hobby in sifting through the old country and bluegrass records that made residence alongside him. Records such as Vern Gosdin, Conway Twitty, and Marty Robbins to name a few, would influence Will’s love for country music.

At least once a week, there would be music resonating through the house as his dad’s bluegrass band would gather to practice. He would sing along and beg for attention as they honed their craft. Fast forward to high school, Will would find himself alongside four of his closest friends in a bluegrass band of their own. Each weekend they could be found at any local cakewalk, carnival, or church.

Graduation, college, and employment would take their toll on this local band. All members would soon go on to pursue their own musical journeys.Will found himself playing solo gigs around his hometown as a country artist. Will’s deep love for those old records was obvious in each of his performances.

Writing came naturally to him. Being inspired by such profound artists created high standards for his song writing. In his first release, “Albuquerque,” many have said to have heard that classic 90’s country twang, with powerful lyrics, and a new age sound.