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Vintage Pistol

Imagine if The Allman Brothers went on a psychedelic induced magic carpet ride with White Denim and all of it was being narrated by The East Nashville Bulldog himself, Todd Snider. That’s Vintage Pistol, a 5 Piece rock n roll jam band based out of Fayetteville, AR. These exploratory road dogs tour coast to coast, claiming new cities as a second home base. 

Comprised of a HEAVY rhythm section, encompassing guitar work, and well crafted songwriting- Vintage Pistol takes pride in compositions, musical intent and the creative stamina to project an energetic “all out” tight live performance to allow concert goers a chance to leave the BS behind and go into the world with the need to inspire others. 

FloydFest 19 Voyage Home

FloydFest 19 Voyage Home