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The Jam

Hey now and welcome to MC Broom and the Jam’. Originally called “Uncle John’s Band”, due to the fact that my name is John, I am an uncle and there was need for the ensemble to be named for a performance at a little party called Floyd Fandango in the summer of 2016. There I had the honor of orchestrating a jam of musicians consisting of old and new friends made up from a large swath of the musical fabric of the region and beyond. This being built upon an impromptu set from the year previous at Floydfest’s Showdown ThrowDown. 

The core group of MCB&tJ are Bradley Carr, lead guitar (Red Weather, Tribe of Clouds) and Timbo Sims, keyboards (Red Weather, Rollin Green, The Buck & Grizz Show), drummers Kris Hodges (Floydfest, Sol Searchers, Los Cupacabras, Butch Robins Imagicnation and Blue Mule) and Matt Leonard (Relacksachian, GroovaScape, GOTE), Scott Sutton on bass (GroovaScape, Dirty Rumors), Jerry Wood on fiddle (Blue Mule) and myself John McBroom on guitars and lead vocals from the likes of (Red Weather, Blue Mule and most recently GOTE). 

Trying to honor the musical spirit of Jerry Garcia, we try to find the edge and stay there. Jamming is the intent, not to say that the song choices aren’t just as crucial, but we are looking for good spots to let the music play the band, to steal a line from Mr. Garcia’s band. Always looking to make the experience greater than the sum of its parts. With the line-up assembled I think you will agree that the only issue may be is there enough toast for all the Jam!

FloydFest 19 Voyage Home

FloydFest 19 Voyage Home