Tara Dente

Tara Dente is an inventive songwriter with a powerful voice and heartfelt, whimsical stylings. She grew up around the sounds of Celtic music and spirituals, later latching on to folk and Americana music. Her finger-picking style is a signature of her sound.

In her early years, she wrote original compositions for piano, and later in 2007 for voice and guitar. Nick Drake, Enya, The Shins, Johnny Cash and Brooke Fraser are among the influences which would help to shape her songwriting. In 2012, Tara entered the music scene focused around the historic and creatively re-awakened Asbury Park, NJ. she was nominated for an Asbury Music Award in 2014 and 2016 for Top Female Acoustic Act and continues to win the hearts of countless music lovers and critics alike.

Dente’s first full-length album, Leave Your Ghosts Behind came out in 2014. After signing with Travianna Records her second album The Gleaner released on 6/2/2017. 2020 has seen it’s fair share of challenges, especially for the touring musician, nonetheless Truth In The Mud graced the music scene on 7/17/2020 and is currently being embraced by listeners around the globe. Tara is ready to take the world by storm with her new project. She tells us about the first single “”Hill So Steep” is about a dream I had. In the dream, I was driving up a hill so steep, I felt like I was climbing the steepest roller coaster with no belt on or bar to hold me in and would just fall out. The dream certainly reflected difficult circumstances happening in my life at the time. I was a server at a popular restaurant in my town and did pretty well in tips that day. As soon as I turned the corner walking to my car after work, I noticed it, as well as a slew of other cars, had been towed. The dollar amount it took to get my car back from the auto shop was the exact amount I had made that day in tips. That night, I had the dream. Sometimes you take a step forward, and then take a step right back. But then another day, you’ll take three steps forward. You just have to hang in there the best you can and look for the next right thing.” – Tara Dente

Truth In The Mud is a collection of deep and brilliant songs masterfully written and executed. Tara Dente brings some essential feelings to this new album and highlights forgotten places that bring us strength. She reminds us that in youth, we more easily connect with dreams, tenderness, passion, and bravery. We explore… especially when no one is watching or has repeatedly said “no,” and we are free to learn from playing outdoors.

The songs on Truth In The Mud draw from her memories of that uninhibited place.

“In an extra fine week for new releases, don’t miss this exceptional compact album by NJ songwriter Tara Dente. I got this in the mail many weeks ago and I’ve found it irresistible. She has a gift for melody and there’s a lot of Sandy Denny in her sound. The song “Enough” is a tour de force.” -Craig Havighurst