Sara Ernst is a Virginia local…an award-winning children’s musician, authorand illustrator. Sara is honored to be one of just a handful of Fishman Music endorsed children’s artists. She uses her ukulele &original songs to encourage a deeper love of nature, inspire imagination, empower emotions and teach valuable lessons. Sara’s work has been featured in The Washington Post, U.S. & World News, on the global 1000 Hours Outside Podcast, and more.Sara Ernst has charmed her way into the wild hearts of children and families all over the world with her simple, yet oh-so-engaging ukulele ditties. She grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains with creeks to playin, trees to climb…all the while developing a love of nature and all of the creatures that dwell in it. Her music journey began quite unexpectedly when hosting a nature group one year for kids and mamas. Sara decided to try to write a couple of songs in an effort to help the children remember how to identify venomous snakes as well as what to do if they came across a bear in the woods. They were the songs that changed everything! She immediately realized how she could use music to teach important and wondrous things about nature, feelings, imagination and more. Sara currently has five albums and seven singles available to stream on any music platform, as well as a couple of very special tracks to go along with her books.Sara’s award-winning book, “Where is Wild?” has been turned into an audiobook for streaming. “Whereis Wild?” is a very gentle and soothing journey through rhyme and wonder.Her award-winning book, “Shout NO! A Child’s Rhyme About Tricky People…And What To Do” goes right along with her song, “Shout No” for early readers to have a read-along/sing-along experience.Sara’s latest nature adventure is her 6th book release, “Poetry for the Wild & Curious Ones: A NecessaryNature Guide.” This is Sara’s dream book…an 87 page book filled with her original nature poems for kids as well as fun facts and ideas along the way to encourage them to respect and love the world (and creatures) around them! This book has already received praise from author, Julie Bogart (Brave Writer),Instagram super-star & author, Emily Morrow (Really Very Crunchy), and more! All of Sara’s books are available on Amazon in multiple countries.