Orange Culture

Orange Culture is a hard-hitting rock band from Roanoke, Virginia. They have been actively playing around Southwest Virginia building a supportive fan base from the ground up through social media and word of mouth. Their reputation has landed them opportunities to play for larger crowds, opening for the likes of B.o.B, Kendall Street Company, and FloydFest 2021.

Their potent brew of alt/psychedelic/punk sounds fresh and distinctly original. The rhythm section of Reid Jepson (drums) and Landon Carder (bass) provide a steady and tense backbeat for the soulful versatility of guitarist Charlie Lewis. Lyricist/singer Griffin Boucher vivid stories about a generation living, loving, laughing and struggling under the sun in a fragile world. But one thing is unmistakably clear from their explosive live shows…Orange Culture plays with the urgency and technical prowess of a band out to save Rock and Roll!