Luke Edwards and his band of brothers are L.A. Edwards – a Californian family band. In the tradition of American families making music on the front porch, with roots that go back to the cradle, Luke, Jesse (Jay) and Harrison (Jerry) Edwards found a love for playing music together from an early age. From a family of seven children, Luke dropped out of school at 15 and hit the road with his older brother Jay, playing gigs and busking across North America – wherever the road led them.

This bohemian lifestyle flourished for the brothers through different eras of music-making and now includes Luke’s five children when on the road. There may only be three brothers on stage, but they travel with the whole family, in tour bus bunks across borders, kids in tow, from city to city. “It’s pretty chaotic a lot of the time, but it’s harder to be away from the kids than to bring them.”

As any parent may imagine, travelling with five kids feels like a brave act, but Luke affirms “It’s always a lot of fun with my brothers, the organization is very laid back and pretty low drama. Band, crew and all the siblings that come to help. We have fun, surf when we can, golf and enjoy the road.”

In the tradition of the travelling musician lifestyle, home feels like everywhere and nowhere, but the band are most rooted in San Diego, Seattle and Nashville. L.A. Edwards started with Luke writing songs and recording them in his bedroom, so he named it after himself – Luke Andrew Edwards, with no intention of getting back into touring and working album cycles. Then, since his brothers got involved, L.A. Edwards has transformed into a family band that “just feels good”. Although primarily a vehicle for Luke’s songs, L.A. Edwards is a journey the family are on together.

The other ingredient in the mix is the family business that Luke has built with his wife Starr: Bitchin’ Sauce. Even from the road in Europe, Starr & Luke continue to run the vegan sauce empire Launched in 2010 at San Diego farmers markets, they now sell their vegan/vegetarian nut-based sauce all over North America and as far as Korea, China, and the Antipodes.

The post-Covid world has been rough on musicians, but thanks to almond-based condiments, the family have been able to weather the fallout of the pandemic and get back on the road, setting up their own label in the process – Bitchin’ Music Group. Music might be the first passion but making good food for people comes a close second. “It’s cool to be able to offer a good product that’s doing so well. It has no preservatives, people love it, it’s like having a hit song”

Once Bitchin’ Sauce got to a point where they could employ “more qualified people to deal with the day to day” L.A. Edwards were back on the bus in Europe, kids in tow. The band joined Rival Sons on their 2023 European tour playing to sold out crowds across Europe.

L.A. Edwards often tours with artists that become friends, because of their easy-going, family vibe. Luke counts The White Buffalo as a friend, joining him for spanning 4 years – 8 tours in a row. They are also close to Lucinda Williams who they will be on the road with in 2024.

Tom Petty bassist Ron Blair and the Tom Petty crew have become close buddies. They felt a kinship with Ron the first day they met and recorded a song together there and then. Ron Blair has been a guiding force for the band and a mentor for Luke, teaching them how to use the studio effectively and producing their first full length album “True Blue” in 2018. Further tapping into the Tom Petty crew, drummer Steve Ferrone joined Blair in playing on L.A. Edwards’ album “Blessings From Home” in 2021.

The band have just finished recording a new album to be released later in 2024. Luke describes the band’s sound as “expansive, harmonious folk-rock” akin to Ryan Adams, The War On Drugs or The National. Their quest to rock-out continues through this forthcoming record with Luke confessing “we’re trying to rock super hard” but the sensitivities and harmonies get in the way. “I’m not in the band I think I’m in.” Luke continues “I think this rocks super hard, but then I’m confronted by the reality that it’s more Crosby Stills & Nash than Led Zeppelin”

And that ain’t a bad thing. The new single “Good Luck” is a reflection on recent difficult times with family. “This song is a go-fuck-yourself song about someone you still care about” states Luke. “There’s so few lyrics in it, I was hoping to let the melody do the talking and to allow space for interpretation for the listener. But for me, it’s about when you say, “Good Luck with that” as you wave goodbye and close the door.”