Johnny Conqueroo

Johnny Conqueroo is not slick or safe or fully predictable. Their live show is like a ride at the county fair, the kind that wobbles and sways and makes you feel like you’re surviving something. And right when it feels like the wheels are coming off, they fool you. How does such an energetic on-stage performance have that level of controlled musicianship? And, how can such an obviously young band sound like a time machine back to the 1960’s? And … which one is Johnny?

On “Only Child” (2019 video): Grant Curless (guitar, vocals) grunts that he’s an “Only Child”, but with mates Wils Quinn (drums) and Shawn Reynolds (bass), there is a telepathic ability that leaves fans shaking their heads – this brother-like bond only comes with many years of playing together.

These same three guys, still too young to all legally drink, have been touring clubs since 2015 and have fine-tuned a sound all their own. Fans are drawn to the interesting lyrics, fierce energy and quirky visuals, with one reviewer proclaiming, “It’s like a blues band, doing punk songs, for a Tarantino film”. Maybe this explains their appeal to all age groups and the bold video for Calculations (2019 video).

Music festivals have caught-on as well, with the trio touring an ever-wider radius to meet fans far from their Kentucky home (Master Musicians Festival, RailBird, Secret Stages, The Bob Fest, Moonshiner’s Ball ). The band will continue touring in support of a series of singles (discography) leading to the fall release of their coming 2019 EP, “Taking it Easy”.