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Driftwood Gypsy

Driftwood Gypsy doesn’t sound so much like a band of today, but rather one at that could have been nailing down a soul-style jam in 1973.  The music has characteristics of Sly and the Family Stone-style spirit in the singing, a rhythmic give-and-take between bass and guitar that recalls early Santana and orchestration that brings to mind the psychedelic keyboard colors and earthy drum foundation of Pink Floyd.”  Walther Tunis of the herald leader. 

The band Driftwood Gypsy is comprised of six members in Lexington Kentucky who all come from completely different musical backgrounds but work together to create songs we hope to be timeless like all of our influences.  Dereck Oldham on lead vocals takes his influences to the extreme from Sly and The Family Stone all the way to Flatts and Scruggs in the bluegrass world.  Jason “Jam Mule” Adams lead guitarist for the band takes much of his style from that of David Gilmore.  David Napier on lead vocal and rhythm guitar got his start at an early age singing and playing drums in church.  Conrad Dillinger the drummer and singer and engineer is a Phish fan all the way but dives into the music of the 60’s and 70’s.  Severn Edmondson is the key player and singer.  He’s an accomplished drummer but slays the ivory and probably the most eclectic listener in the group all the way from soul in the early 60’s to the popular hip hop of today.  Last but not least is our bassist Creek Sayles who followed the dead for the better part of the decade.  You can guess where he takes his influence from.  This rag tag group has been together since 2012 and has played in small venues all the way to Headlining venues such as Terrapin Hill Harvest festival and Moonshiners ball, two prominent music festivals in the bluegrass area.  We’ve shared stages with the likes of the New Mastersounds from New EnglandTurkuaz, Kung Fu, Delvon Lemarr Organ Trio, The Dirty Dozen Brass band, Freek Bass, and many more.  We’ve made it as far as Indianapolis up north and as far south as Nashville.  One of our favorite cities we’ve recently started to frequent is Asheville North Carolina and we hope to continue to spread our funk all over this country and possibly the world.  We spread love, not hate in a world that is filled with it.  Thanks for listening and reading and we’ll leave you with one more thing.  STAY WEIRD AND BOOGIE!!! 

FloydFest 19 Voyage Home

FloydFest 19 Voyage Home