Bitchin’ & Beyond: The Journey of enterprising mom, foodie, and Bitchin’ Sauce founder, Starr Edwards

Starr Edwards is the mom of four children, founder of national dipping brand Bitchin’ Sauce, and a serial entrepreneur. Join this FloydFest panel as we discuss the musical ride she’s had over the past decade and how sticking to her grassroots has remained essential.

Bitchin’ Sauce’s business model is a reflection of the unique lives of Bitchin’ founders, husband and wife, Starr Edwards and L.A. Edwards. The third of four children, Starr grew up living a nomadic life on the West Coast. Primarily self-taught in the kitchen and the office, her deeply rooted independent mentality along with her background as a vegan personal chef has poised and aided her in the foundation of the company. She started in the San Diego farmers’ markets in 2010 and has managed to secure nationwide distribution in over 7,500+ stores, including major retailers such as Costco, Target, Walmart, Whole Foods Market, etc. As the Bitchin’ brand continues to grow, Starr’s hand-crafted business model continues to distinguish itself with hallmark determination and inventiveness.