APEX is a thunderously grooving genre defying melting pot of musical magic which mixes elements of hip-hop, funk, rock, jazz, classical and Latin styles into a colorful complexity of third stream dance fuel.

Third Coming spits philosophical, poetic bars in syncopated rhythms while holding down fat trap influenced drum grooves at the same time.

The Wanderer, the shining albino musical prodigy of the keys shreds compositional, fusion inspired, expressions of intellectual odyssey.

Big Chungus brings a smackin’ thick low-end funk to the sound guaranteed to move what your momma gave you.

Trve Kevult adds a chunky rock infused future riffage to the massive sound that is APEX.

Founding Band Members:

Max D’Amico on Vocals, Drums (Third Coming)

Kenneth Goltsberg on Electric Bass (Big Chungus)

Kevin Kelleher on Electric Guitar (Trve Kevult)

Shiwei (David) Wan on Keyboards (The Wanderer)