The Ryan Greer Band

The Ryan Greer Band is a Blues-Infused, Southern Soul Band out of Southwest Virginia. Speaking on the good and the bad, the love that was had and the love that was lost, the everyday ups and downs with the trials and tribulations of life…The Ryan Greer Band is music by the people FOR the people!


PumpHouse is a regional touring band based in Richmond, Virginia, that, since 2012, has performed in clubs and musical festivals from Virginia to California, offering soulful originals and its own creative spin on Traditional and Chicago Jump/Swing Blues, R&B mixed with Rock and Roll and beyond.  A diverse and thoroughly entertaining group of 7 experienced musicians devoted to their music, their friendship, and their fans, PumpHouse is fronted by Lutha Lucas, whose musical style has been described as a fusion of Lou Rawls & James Brown. Though he came from a background of singing in a church choir for much of his adult life with no experience in a band, he has become a phenomenal frontman who interacts with the crowds and belts out PumpHouse songs like a blues man or rocker who’s been doing it his entire life.

Option 22

Option 22 is an eclectic Americana band with a revolutionary vibe. They are channels for the music, allowing it to flow through them and deliver it to whomever is present along with messages of hope, love and healing.  On the fly collaborative dynamics, rhythmic muscle and thematic inventions shower you with sound that is sure to lift your vibration and unlock the doors of your heart, allowing you to groove freely and transcend.

Based in Princeton, West Virginia, Lori McKinney (vocals, drums, djembe, spoken word) and Robert Blankenship (guitar, shamisen, hand-drums, didgeridoo) have been writing and playing music together since early 2004, when her passionate and angelic vocals married his smooth, steady groove. Now infusing the mix are the intricate bass lines of Brandon Dunn (bass), the rock-solid, seasoned rhythms of Ary’an Graham (drums) and the soulful guitar stylings of Jacob Brooks (lead guitar).

These artists understand the power of music to heal and transform, and they use their creative gifts to make a positive impact on the world around them. They live and work within a multi-purpose creative zone which they created in downtown Princeton known as The RiffRaff Arts Collective, which is revitalizing a once dark and depressed area with color and life. They write, perform, teach and record there as well as host music nights, drum circles, art parades and more. They founded and produce Culturefest World Music & Arts Festival, now in its 19th year, a weekend long creative oasis on a magical mountaintop which promotes unity and respect for diversity. Understanding the power of music and the arts, they use these gifts to inspire and uplift. Option 22 now tours the region inspiring and empowering community transformation with their original musical, multi-media production, Create Your State.

With 3 albums of new music set to release in 2022, they are ready to take on this year. Their last albums, “The Change” and “Choose The Music” are available at option22.net.

Music Road Co

Join Music Road CO, a cooperative of common creative companions conspiring to command your cognitive locomotion.

This crew digs through a wide and deep catalog of tunes and musical traditions to get you groovin’ and your hip bones movin’!

Where does Music Road Co find its inspiration? And why does it connect so perfectly with audiences of all ages and backgrounds? The answer might lie in their widespread roots. Coming from such diverse places as South Africa, Ecuador, Key West, Maryland and Virginia, the band brings many cultural influences together to produce music without boundaries.

Moving fluidly from funk to reggae, rock to afrobeat, their sound bounces from blues and soul to island dance and back again, bound together by one common ideal: Music should feel good and spread positive vibes. They get on stage to lift themselves up to a higher frequency and they won’t stop until they bring the entire audience with them.


Mansgottaeat is a Roanoke funk trio with Foster Burton on guitar, Paul Tressel on keys, and Kris Hodges on drums. Original dance music blended with obscure covers.

M.C. Broom and the Jam

Hey now and welcome to M.C. Broom and the Jam’. Originally called “Uncle John’s Band”, due to the fact that my name is John, I am an uncle and there was need for the ensemble to be named for a performance at a little party called Floyd Fandango in the summer of 2016. There I had the honor of orchestrating a jam of musicians consisting of old and new friends made up from a large swath of the musical fabric of the region and beyond. This being built upon an impromptu set from the year previous at FloydFest’s Showdown ThrowDown.

The core group of MCB&tJ are Bradley Carr, lead guitar (Red Weather, Tribe of Clouds) and Timbo Sims, keyboards (Red Weather, Rollin Green, The Buck & Grizz Show), drummers Kris Hodges (FloydFest, Sol Searchers, Cupacabras, Butch Robins Imagicnation and Blue Mule) and Matt Leonard (Relachatian, GroovaScape, The Dead Reckoning and GOTE), Jay Gladden (Crowbar Cane, War Chile and GOTE), Jerry Wood on fiddle (Blue Mule and most other acoustic acts in the area) and myself John McBroom on guitars and lead vocals from the likes of (Red Weather, Blue Mule and most recently GOTE).

Trying to honor the musical spirit of Jerry Garcia, we try to find the edge and stay there. Jamming is the intent, not to say that the song choices aren’t just as crucial, but we are looking for good spots to let the music play the band, to steal a line from Mr. Garcia’s band. Always looking to make the experience greater than the sum of its parts. With the line-up assembled I think you will agree that the only issue may be is there enough toast for all the Jam!

Jordan Harman Band

Jordan Harman infuses soul into the pop realm, eschewing the sugar-sweet, mass-produced, auto-tuned, musical McProduct. Creating music that speaks to something sincere while retaining an exceptional pop sensibility, he achieves an increasingly rare musical feat. Driving rhythm guitar and smooth, smoky vocals lay the foundation for his memorable sonic landscape.

Raised in a musical household, Harman grew up listening to equal parts Jackson 5, Al Green, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Sly and the Family Stone, Bill Withers, and Earth, Wind, and Fire. These artists continue to shape Harman’s unique brand of genuine soul.

Harman has toured extensively with blues legend Tommy Castro and has shared the stage with The California Honeydrops, Tea Leaf Green, Tab Benoit, Taj Mahal, War, and many more.


GOTE started in 2015 as the acoustic trio of Foster Burton on guitar and lead vocals, Jay Gladden on bass and vocals and Matt Leonard on drums so they could fill a weekly club gig and fulfill the musical pursuits that were not available in the other bands that the group of musicians was in at the time.  They would invite friends and auxiliary musicians to sit in and change the flavor slightly to keep the ensemble’s mix fresh and interesting.  Jump forward to August of 2016 when Matt invited John McBroom to be the guest guitarist for the evening.  Things changed after that, and John started hanging around a lot more and sitting in on a much more regular basis. After a while it became apparent that this was going to be the band’s line up.  While GOTE still has sit-ins on a very regular basis, it still falls to the base line up at most shows.  Never really rehearsing but playing a weekly show in the area, has made the band a very versatile group with an eclectic blend of originals and cover material. GOTE plays a different show every time they hit the stage.  In the continual process of recording, GOTE has a 4 song EP released in late 2019 and is hopeful to have a full length project out sometime later this year.


Expect the unexpected when it comes to the GoodFellers! Their award-winning traditional bluegrass chops don’t tell the whole story. With a sound shaped by various musical backgrounds and highlighted by rock flavored vocals, the band moves seamlessly through different styles making each GoodFellers song unique and entertaining. They have fun when they play and it’s infectious.

Rooted in bluegrass, inspired by rock vocals and with an ever-expanding set list that draws from most musical styles, each GoodFellers show promises to be unique and entertaining. Versatility bolstered by award-winning musicianship has made the GoodFellers in demand all along the East Coast and beyond.

The GoodFellers have traveled throughout the USA, Canada, and Europe, constantly redefining their own unique Newgrass sound.  Along the way, the band has recorded and performed thousands of songs from all music styles.

The Goodfellers now offer up a new single, “To Love Somebody,” featuring the rich, earthy voice of Teddy Barneycastle. Teddy describes what inspired him to record the song, “I got a call today from a friend of mine who is a Texas writer. We share a mutual friend who was also an entertainer; he lost his mom today, which upset me and brought to mind the line “You don’t know what it’s like, baby, you don’t know what it’s like, to love somebody, to love somebody, the way I love you.” I think those are compelling lyrics; they really hit me today, tears and all. I thought, how powerful are the words to that song. Maybe I need to rethink what I’m doing. I want to affect people with our music, making them love more, hate less, laugh, think of others, and enjoy their lives. The single is currently in rotation on several terrestrial and internet radio stations and has already charted on the Blugrass Today Grassicana Chart!

Their music is fresh, driving, unique and bluegrass that moves the soul!



Free Union

“The minute you meet Michael Coleman, you get a clear sense of his charisma. Free Union, led by Coleman, makes songs that bring people, ideas and musical styles together. Since teaming up with drummer Rob Dunnenberger, the band has grown in size, scope and ambition, but its message and goal remains the same.” -Stephen Kallao, World Cafe, NPR

Free Union is a Charlottesville, Virginia-based collective led by Michael Coleman (vocals/rhythm guitar) and Rob Dunnenberger (drums), and features Carrie Coleman (vocals), Parker Hawkins (bass), and Tyler Hutcherson (keys). The band’s sound is not distillable, it’s ever-evolving music is rooted in soul and incorporates rhythm and blues, rock, and pop into its sound.

In its short history, Free Union has found quick momentum including a debut performance at the 2019 & 2021 Lockn’ Music Festival, a feature on NPR Music’s Heavy Rotation: September Songs Public Radio Can’t Stop Playing (2019), and a national appearance on the acclaimed WXPN National Public Radio program World Café (2020).

Free Union has maintained a constant stream of releases building upon their catalog alongside their energetic live show. In 2021 alone, the band put out five major releases in including a quarantine created and recorded double single entitled “Somethin’ + The Other Side” in January, a five track EP entitled “No Pressure” in May, and three singles “Good Life” (September), “If You Can You Will” (October), and “Prelude” (December) with each song featuring unique collaborators such as DJ Harrison (Stonesthrow) and Grebes. Poised for a breakout year in 2022, the band has plans for multiple releases.

The history behind the collective’s name gives context to its message. Free Union, Virginia—originally named Nicksville after a free African American blacksmith—sought to unite people of all races at a time when the country was inherently divided. Theseprinciples of inclusivity are the underpinnings of this collective. Free Union brings people, musical styles, and ideas together to inspire a message of unity.