An important message about FloydFest 23~Forever

Very few ‘independent’ music festivals exist these days. Our patrons, our memories, this ‘music, magic and mountains,’ this community, our collective anticipation for future FloydFests, are what keep each of us going, and we don’t take that lightly.

We are risk-takers by nature and trade. We don’t settle for status quo, because each of us deserves this annual gathering filled with love, magic, surprise, release and recharge. So, we balance pushing the boundaries of imagination and creativity with sustaining this annual gift we all give to each other: FloydFest.

Looking outward and inward, “FloydFest” is exactly what we all need this year. To boot, we have embarked on a paramount project: to make good on building all of us a forever home where we will celebrate life, love and living for decades to come. This dual mission hits deep for each of us. And thus, the news we received this week hits even deeper:

Due to final permitting and logistical factors beyond our control, the new FloydFest site, FestivalPark, is not currently viable for a 2023 festival, and we are currently exploring all options. We will be back with more information on April 6.

Make zero mistake — FloydFest and its future are strong, and this we do know: We will see each of you, our FloydFest Family, in July 2024, as we christen your new home, FestivalPark. More information will be announced next week.

We love you. Thank you. Stay tuned. #Onward