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For five glorious July days of the year, this quiet 80-acre plateau off the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway is transformed into a temporary ‘burb of music aficionados.  In addition to the food, shopping, and entertainment amenities, our FloydFest ‘tent city’ comes complete with recycling and trash collection, sanitation and zoning issues, medical assistance, neighborhood security, and plain ‘ol common-sense. Please take a moment to read through this campus overview; being a well-informed citizen helps to minimize problems and ensures a Revolutionary FF experience for all!


Protocol: Observe the rules. Self-police and police others- the safety, security and family-friendly vibe of FloydFest depend on it. Again, in sum:

  • No weapons.
  • No outside alcohol.
  • No wristband, no admittance.
  • No drugs.
  • No dogs.

Parents: Lost children should be taken to the Children’s Universe and left with the person in charge. Lost parents should check in at our onsite administrative office, centrally located along the main pathway next to the food court.

Pop-Ups:Pop-up tents, which are very frustrating to some patrons, and very necessary to others, are allowed *only* on one cordoned off area on the side of the front main field, where they do not block the sight lines of others. The front main field area, from the stage back to the stated signage, is for standing and blankets only. Mid-way back, posted signage designates the ‘chair seating’ area, and, from the fountain back, umbrellas and see-through shade apparatus *other than pop-ups* are allowed. Unless you require the larger footprint of a pop-up shade tent for medical conditions, or because of very young children, please utilize an alternative, as space for these is very limited.

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Police and Medical: We have trained ‘round-the-clock Festival Security working to ensure the Family-Friendly environment that FloydFest is known for, by enforcing the rules and protocol.

  • If you spot a security breech, or need any sort of assistance in this realm, please approach a staff member in the brightly colored security shirts.
  • We employ off-duty Patrick County Police Officers to aid with the potential escalation of any issue.
  • Professional medical assistance is available at the Medical Tent located beside the FF Camp Store (look for signage).

Porto’potties are located along the periphery of the service road, accessible to camping areas, as well as in less conspicuous areas of our main field, in the Children’s Universe, the Global Village, outside our main gate, and in all parking and offsite camping areas. We use glow sticks to light them after dark, and they are cleaned twice daily! If there are overt issues in any of our units, please report it to administrative personnel and they will work quickly to remedy the situation. (The administrative offices are on the main pathway next to the food court.)

Potable Water is located in large tanks at the top of the Global Village.  Help yourself to water for cleaning dishes, brushing teeth, etc.  Delicious mountain *drinking water* is located in two places on the main field near the model Blue Ridge Yurt, and is available *free* thanks to a partnership between FloydFest and Klean Kanteen (bring your container OR check out what Klean Kanteen  has to offer!).


Warm water showers are located along the main path to the global village – don’t bother with soap, we have complimentary Dr. Bronner’s!

Pristine is how we like to leave our FloydFest site.  Our Green Team continues to enhance greening efforts.  How can you keep the scene clean?


Our Revolutionary green theme this year is, “Wear cool boots and tread lightly on the Earth!” That’s right; it’s up to each and every one of us to participate in making our footprint as minimal as possible! Be kind to each other and to our environment, and think about the impacts of your daily choices.

Though we have reached high levels of recycling in the festival over the past few years, we are hoping that we can take the campground and offsite areas’ recycling to the next level! Plan ahead now–here’s what you can do:

Join the Revolution—and Please Recycle!  We hope all FloydFestivarians will recycle and compost—it’s easy! You can get supplies and information at the Green Team tent, located by the Klean Kanteen water station mid-field.  Bring recycling in a clear bag (provided at the festival gate) to any recycling station.

Keep your food waste separate and bring to the specially marked bins or the compost pile in the Global Village.

Bring It! Program: We’ll incentivize the effort, with a new ‘Bring It!’ program offering points and tickets for those good stewards going the extra mile with their on-site composting and recycling efforts at FloydFest.

FloydFest has made great strides in moving towards ZERO WASTE, and we need your help taking it to the next level. It’s simple:

  • Keep your recycling and food waste/compostables separate from trash at your campsite.
  • Bring your sorted bags to the Green Team Tent and/or Bring It! Tent.
  • Get tickets for prize drawings, including a backstage pass and Grand Prize of two 5-day tickets for FloydFest 2015.
  • Feel great and tell your friends!


While we work annually to clear dead trees, limbs and brush to expand camping areas, space is ultimately limited and it can be challenging to find a ready campsite.  Towards the goal of everyone having a dedicated footprint of space to call ‘home’ while they’re here… drum roll please… may we introduce the “Tent Tag” system. For more information on Tent Tags: CLICK HERE. To purchase an Onsite Tent Tag: CLICK HERE.

Remember, camping at FloydFest is ‘primitive’- there is potable water, free drinking water, privy’s and other essentials, but no ground is quite level, and there *will be trees* within your 15’x15’ footprint that you will need to work around. Important: One onsite Tent Tag = one tent. ANY number of additional tents, (even within your allotted boundaries), must have an additional onsite Tent Tag ticket.

Parking and Pick-up:  **CONTINUED IN 2014** Only vehicles with the proper parking decal will be allowed into the festival site.  During the exodus patrons will have to shuttle gear to where their cars are parked, please pack accordingly.  For those being picked-up, please direct your ride to ALPHA Lot.



‘Queue Up’ for Shuttles! Our parking areas, which do occasionally shift purposes from year to year, are clearly labeled. Please take note of which lot you arrive in (large signage) and, when it’s time to depart, await your return shuttle in the line with the same corresponding signage. Our shuttles begin at noon Wednesday, and run through 2 AM nightly, with the last shuttle leaving the festival Monday at noon.

*** New this year: You spoke, we listened.  All patrons parking in Airstrip Alpha Lot will roll like a Rock Star in our new deluxe charter bus shuttle & gear transportation system.  Ride with comfort and ease in a motor coach complete with DVD/AC and a restroom. Gear will easily be stored in a cargo bay in each and every bus. All Passengers may bring a small/medium bag on the shuttle.  Please note: Cargo buses will not accept any large wagons or trailers. If you bring these items, they will be placed on a truck and trailer and may slow your process.  For more information on shuttles and gear, CLICK HERE.

Quiet (and Not-So-Quiet) Camping: Please note: All tents onsite must have an onsite Tent Tag. Our ‘Family Camping’ is located in the wooded area behind the Children’s Universe, and extending up towards the Main Stage.  This area was chosen because the music on the Dreaming Creek Main Stage ends relatively early, and for its distance from the later-running Dance Tent and late-night Global Village Stage. Because of our multitude of stages, ultimately there is no camping that is truly ‘QUIET’… if you have problems sleeping to a background of music, drumming, or contained revelry, or have small children with these issues we encourage you to either make the trek further down the path to Adventure Camping or stay at our offsite park-and-camp areas. No matter where you camp, please be considerate of your neighbors.

Quarts and Pints (ABC): The origin of the phrase “mind your P’s and Q’s,” refers to Old-English barkeeps shouting at rowdy customers to mind their Pints and Quarts- in other words to moderate their intake and keep themselves in check! Our several licensed ABC areas are lovely places to hang out, complete with shade, snack vendors, and either their own entertainment or bird’s eye view to a nearby stage. There are four such areas- we refer to them as the Pink Floyd Beer and Wine Garden, the Main Field Libations Tent, The Top o’ the Hill- Holla! Craft Beer Loft and the Sugarlands Shine Speakeasy Stage. All four areas are open to everyone; those under 21 will have their hand stamped, and we encourage they be accompanied by an adult.


To partake in our variety of craft beers and Virginia wines, you must first purchase tickets from booths stationed outside the ABC areas. Beer and wine tickets are $6 each, for 16 oz. beers and 8 oz. wine servings. In our ongoing efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, we minimize plastics by only serving drinks in Klean Kanteen stainless steel cups. Purchase one for $7, or re-use your cup from previous years.  Above all, enjoy responsibly!

Quality Customer Service is our number one priority. If there is anything we can do to improve your Festival Experience, we want to know about it! Tell a staff member personally, email, or give us a shout at 888-VA-FESTS.

Questions? or issues not covered here we will happily address in person at our onsite administrative offices (located on the main pathway next to the food court)!