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The Stash! Band’s hybrid of Bluegrass, Punk and Heavy Metal is not for the faint of heart. Lead by one of Bluegrass’ great young genre-bending pioneers, Stash Wyslouch (Molskys Mountain Drifters, The Deadly Gentlemen), The Stash! Band features elements of bluegrass’ high octane picking, the energy and riffs of Megadeth and Black Sabbath and a quirky zaniness and virtuosity akin to Frank Zappa’s Mothers of Invention. Forged in the fire of the Boston and New York City music scenes- The Stash! Band features Wyslouch on guitar, Sean Trischka on Drums, Duncan Wickel on Fiddle and Noam Wiesenberg on Bass.

Their first album released under Stash Wyslouch’s name, “Stash!” (Sep 2015), features 19 original songs with daring compositions, anthemic songwriting and a unique sound defying genres and classification. The album delivers angular riffs, harmonies and melodies alongside the band’s affable and sometimes brash punk vocal stylings.

Bluegrass fusing with Heavy Metal and Punk is a natural product of Wyslouch’s history. Growing up on death metal, headbanging and improvisation, Wyslouch’s conversion to folk and roots music at age 18 turned his path from the beer stained mosh pits of heavy metal to the harmonies, dynamics and songwriting of summertime Bluegrass festivals and Country music.

“There’s a liberty in form, melodic content and lyrical content in heavy metal and punk music,” says Wyslouch, “with The Stash! Band, we combine that freedom with the textures and dynamic sensibilities of acoustic roots music; it’s a very exciting and unique sound.”