Old Heavy Hands

Somewhere out on the highway between the southeast and the Midwest, Nate hall (Greensboro NC) and Larry Wayne Slaton (Chicago IL) stumbled upon a sound that falls directly between those two regions. After A decade of touring in post punk bands (Tom Sawyer) in the late 90s/early 2000s, the two singer songwriters took some time away from the stage to turn their craftsmanship towards another medium, the ancient art of tattooing. After opening Legacy Irons Tattoo Company in Greensboro NC with David self (lead guitar, Asheboro NC) in 2010, they found themselves back in familiar territory during down time at the shop. Guitars in hand, they crafted songs about the struggles they had lived through, the hope of a brighter future to come, the promises they kept, and the ones they broke. “As I got older, I realized all these punk rock songs I loved were just Johnny Cash songs,” Hall recalls while tattooing a client. “[Johnny Cash songs were] just a little bit sadder, and a little bit slower.” Armed with an eleven song debut full length record recorded and produced by Wilmington’s Dynamic Soundworks (Jordan Powers, Brandon Hackler), they added a rhythm section and pedal steel, and hit the road once again. The boys are now well on their way to finishing a second full length record entitled Mercy to be released in early 2018.