The moon, the largest and brightest object in the night sky, has long inspired curiosity and wonder. It appears at night, the time of sleep and dreaming that sometimes seems to approach the borders of death and the afterlife. Radiating an air of mystery and magic, the moon is also associated with love and often serves as a symbol of unattainable beauty.

Unlike the sun, the moon does not present the same face every day. It waxes, or grows larger, until it becomes a glowing silver-white disk. Then night-by-night it wanes, or shrinks, to a curved sliver until it vanishes altogether. A few days later a slender new moon appears and begins to grow again in an endless cycle.

My name is Luna. Inspiration found me riverside in Floyd County, VA. Dance has always resonated in my soul and when I found my hoop, I found my partner. In the summer eve of 2011, I became fully aware of movement through hoop. I hold the belief that there is medicine in movement; through self-expression and music, we can all reach another level of self-awareness. Music and dance are the universal language that proves that we are all one.

This sacred circle has given me a lifestyle of health, self-love and passion. Feeling my way by the light of the moon and the essence of my being, I am grateful for the opportunity to connect through Lunaversal language, sharing this spiritual dance with you. I perform flow, hoop, improvisations, live accompaniment, workshops and more. #lunaversalinc