Einstein’s Monkey

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What happens when a couple of guys who’ve been playing music together since 1989 decide to make music they wish their young daughters would listen to? Einstein’s Monkey

Einstein’s Monkey has been described as a blend of They Might Be Giants and Bare Naked Ladies. We love this description! The music is also often equal parts Ramones and Walk the Moon.

Einstein’s Monkey plays an exciting blend of family friendly rock music that is upbeat and honest, reveling in the simple joys of childhood while not being afraid to point out the pains of being a kid.

A typical show with Einstein’s Monkey is an upbeat, dancing, clapping, singing along as loud as you can sort of affair that offers grownups and kids a chance to bond over music.

Here’s What People Are Saying:

“Our students clapped and laughed and stomped and sang with Einstein’s Monkey and their cool rock and roll songs. As one second grader put it so eloquently, “They be rock stars!”” – Teresa B. Singer, Music Specialist. Northwest Elementary School. Kinston, NC

“Einstein’s Monkey was a wonderful addition to the Taubman Museum of Art’s Spectacular Saturday program. Their performance was energetic and upbeat—the audience was engaged the entire time. It was a program that appealed to children and adults alike. All of the members of the band was a dream to work with and made the process from booking to performance a great experience. I would absolutely schedule Einstein’s Monkey for another performance!” -Abbie Edens, Head of Youth & Family Education

“The music is fun, and it sounds like a good way for kids and their parents to bond over the same music — at least until the kids get old enough to start digging stuff that frightens their parents.” – Tad Dickens, Roanoke Times

“We loved having Einstein’s Monkey at our library system. They got the children involved and up off the floor throughout their wonderful program. All ages had fun, even the adults!” -Amanda Hood Bailey, Head of Children’s and Youth Services, Washington County Public Library