Healing Arts

The Healing Arts Village is a place to relax and receive incredible bodywork. Come experience therapy and rejuvenation!

The Healing Arts at FloydFest is an integral part of the relaxed festival vibration. We believe in movement, massage, and music making a big difference for the quality of life. We offer excellence in all our workshops, practitioners, and performances.

Come unwind, get healthy, laugh and dance with us!

  • Yoga, Internal Martial Arts, Medicinal and Edible Herb Walks, and lots of other classes and demos
  • Kirtans, Ecstatic Dance, and Sacred Art
  • Massage and other healing practices

Healing Arts Vendors

The Floydfest Healing Arts Village has become a favorite stop for a whole lot of our festival goers! We aim to provide them with a variety of healing artists to choose from. We are excited to get your application to see who will be a part of our circle this year. We will accept as many as we have room for in the Village. Good luck, and may we all have great health and prosperity!

To apply to be a Healing Arts Vendor, click here

Healing Arts General Volunteers

This volunteer position is for reliable, responsible, capable, easy going and socially friendly people who want to work 4 hours per day, for 20 hours total, in order to receive a 5-day pass into the festival. To apply for the Healing Arts Volunteer position, contact Elisha Reygle, FloydFest Healing Arts Coordinator, at shamvara@yahoo.com or 540-745-6789.

Massage Therapist Volunteers

This volunteer position is for Massage Therapists who want to work 3 hours per day for 15 hours total in order to receive a 5-day pass into the festival. Work is either backstage massage on Performers and VIPs, or chair massage in the Healing Arts Village. All equipment is provided.

Please note: If you are unable to come for all five days, please list clearly on the application which days you can volunteer. Priority will go to those able to commit to the full event.

To apply to for the Massage Therapist Volunteer position online, click here

To print and mail the application for the Massage Therapist Volunteer position, click here

Elisha Reygle
FloydFest Healing Arts Coordinator
(tel) 540-745-6789