Family Fun

At FloydFest, kids are never an afterthought — they’re a centerpiece! Our aptly-named Children’s Universe (CU) encompasses several acres of prime real estate in our main field area, such that kids can engage in a Taekwondo class, tetherball match, or debut an act during the kids’ Open Mic, and parent’s aren’t missing their favorite set on the Dreaming Creek Main Stage!
Conscientious programming is applied to our CU, just like every other stage and area at FloydFest. We have a dedicated stage with performances by and for kids of all ages.Ongoing activities include a toddler playground, family sized sandbox, rock stacking, a huge wooden play arc and more! Our “mother tent” offers a semi-private area for changing diapers, feeding little ones, etc.Join us on Saturday at noon for our annual PEACE PARADE! Bring your own costumes and instruments or borrow from our stash and join Becki the Balloon Lady, jugglers, puppets, stilt walkers and musicians, (and any and everybody else!) as we parade around the FloydFest site.
Each year includes several scheduled “workshops” for kids, including art workshops with Katherine Devine and a Taekwondo Clinic. Don’t miss witnessing our Taekwondo instructor break a concrete block on Sunday!

Childcare in the Children’s Universe!

bms-banner-final-convertedBlue Mountain School childcare
Childcare is available at FloydFest during the following hours:
Wednesday: 5-9 pm, Thursday-Saturday: 11 am – 10 pm and Sunday 11 am – 8 pm
Cost is $10/hour for up to 6 hours and $8/hour for 6+ hours

Climbing Wall

A Climbing wall is located next to the Children’s Universe and $5 gets you a wristband for all the climbing fun you can handle for the whole festival!